FlashScan V2 with Dodge Cummins Tuning



FlashScan V2 with Dodge Cummins Tuning is a scan tool, data logger and calibration programmer for selected Dodge Cummins engine and powertrain controllers, in either standalone mode (FlashScan V2 to vehicle connection), or in pass through mode (PC/laptop to FlashScan V2 to vehicle connection).


FlashScan V2 Package Contents Includes:

  • FlashScan V2 interface device
  • EFILive Scan and Tune software installation CD
  • 2 x AD-2 external input connectors
  • EFILive OBDII cable (J1962-A to RJ45)
  • EFILive USB cable (USB-A to USB-B)
  • EFILive Serial cable (RJ12 to DB9 female)

FlashScan V2 with Dodge Cummins Tuning ships with two VIN licenses. Out of the box, FlashScan V2 is capable of tuning two supported engine controllers (ECM or PCM) and two supported transmission controllers (TCM). The ECMs/PCMs and TCMs can be be from different vehicles.

FlashScan V2 with Dodge Cummins Tuning supports selected Dodge Cummins engine and powertrain controllers using the OBDII CAN protocol.

NOTE: Blank device only, tuning not included

FlashScan V2 Specifications and Features:


FlashScan V2, EFILive's premier hardware device is the most important tool in a Tuners tool box. FlashScan V2 is the key component of the EFILive solution, integrating the EFILive Scan Tool ans the EFI Tuning Tool with the chosen vehicle's data management systems including Engine Controllers, Transmission Controllers and Powertrain Controllers. Using these three EFILive components collectively, customers are in full control of available vehicle parameters giving the ability to create custom tunes for their chosen supported vehicle.

Historically, custom tuning has implied a laptop or PC being required in the vehicle to facilitate reading, flashing and data logging. With FlashScan V2 these constraints are a thing of the past. Flashscan V2 offers stand alone data logging from the PCM, ECM and/or TCM, and you can also log 4 external analog inputs and an external serial data input (from dyno, WBO2 etc.). FlashScan V2 can also read and flash any supported vehicle without the need for a laptop, and because the V2 also supports SD Card storage the number of tunes you can store is almost endless.

FlashScan V2 stores all licensing data, so customers have the flexability of installing EFILive software on multiple computers for ease of tune creation and editing. Teamed with EFILive's flexible Tuning Option licensing scheme, customers need only purchase the Tuning Option that meets their needs; GM Tuning Option, Cummins Tuning Option, or both tuning options. Tuning Option purchases can be made at the point of FlashScan V2 purchase or added to an existing FlashScan V2 device.


  • Built-in LCD screen
  • Built-in audible alarm
  • SD memory card slot (SD card is not supplied)
    Supports SDSC & SCHC up to 32GB.
  • Upgradable firmware
  • USB connector    

Pass-through scanning to laptop

  • High speed data logging  
  • Unlimited log time limit when logging at full speed  
  • Virtual dashboard support  
  • Display and record DTCs  
  • Display and record EPA test results (including mode $05 and $06)  
  • Display and record Freeze Frame data  

Black Box Logging

  • High speed data logging    
  • Log up to 2,000 hours of data when logging at full speed with a single 2GB SD Card (larger SD cards are supported)  
  • Display data while logging    
  • Maximum of 2 controllers that can be logged simultaneously (ECM and TCM)
  • Display and record DTCs    
  • Display and record EPA test results (including mode $05 and $06)    
  • Display and record Freeze Frame data    
  • Automatic pause and resume when ignition is switched off and on

External Inputs 

  • 4 X 0-5V analog inputs (can be used for analog wide band integration)  
  • 2 X K-type thermocouple inputs (used for logging temperatures)  
  • 2 X 12V digital inputs (used to detect voltage/no voltage conditions)  
  • 1 X RS232 serial input (can be used for serial wide band logging or real-time data input/output with dyno controllers and/or other data loggers)  

Black Box Flashing

  • Read contents of controller
  • Reprogram controllers' calibrations
  • Reprogram controllers' operating system
  • Read and reprogram diesel injector calibrations

Pass-through Flashing   

  • Read contents of controller
  • Reprogram controllers' calibrations
  • Reprogram controllers' operating system
  • Read and reprogram diesel injector calibrations


  • Tuning Options to suit GM Tuning, Cummins Tuning or both.
  • Each Tuning option ships with two VIN licenses to enable tuning on two engine and two transmission controllers
  • Additional VIN Licenses may be purchased, up to a limit of 221 per FlashScan device
  • Stream licensing for particular controllers (unlimited tuning of vehicles that use the same controller) may be purchased.
  • FlashScan VIN licenses are eligible for rebates on FlashScan stream purchases.
  • VIN licenses cannot be copied from one FlashScan or AutoCal device to another FlashScan or AutoCal device.
  • Although FlashScan can be used to return a customer's vehicle to stock, doing so will not release the VIN license that was used to flash the vehicle

Supported OBD Protocols 

  • OBDII ISO 15765 CAN

FlashScan Operating and Storage Conditions

FlashScan Capacity

Black FlashScan V2 devices have approx 4MB of internal memory with approx 2MB available for tunes/logs, Blue FlashScan V2 devices have approx 8MB of internal memory with approx 6MB available for tunes/logs. Both Black and Blue FlashScan devices have the option to expand up to 2GB using an SD memory card.

Software Requirements

For FlashScan to be functional customers will need to ensure the software and firmware is up to date.

The EFILive software and FlashScan/AutoCal firmware are designed to operate on a wide variety of electronic controllers and on-board vehicle networks. Because those controllers and networks are updated regularly by various manufacturers, the EFILive software and firmware is also updated to remain compatible with any changes and to support any new controllers.

We encourage all EFILive customers to keep their EFILive software up to date.  Download the latest EFILive Software.

Why are there two versions of EFILive's software (V8 and V7)?

EFILive is currently in a transition phase with our V8 software replacing the original V7 software which was first implemented over 10 years ago.

All new controller support requires EFILive V8 software for read and flashing functionality. All customers are encouraged to take advantage of the features and improvements EFILive V8 delivers, including standalone features: BBL (Black Box Logging), BBR (Black Box Reading) and BBF (Black Box Flashing) collectively known as BBX.

Customers will see measurable benefits when using EFILive V8 software, read and flash times have been reduced by up to 50%, while tune file sizes have been reduced by an average of 80%. EFILive V8 can re-plot data logs at amazing speeds - up to 50 times faster than V7.5. Customers can log both engine and transmission parameters concurrently and log files can be cropped.

Future releases for EFILive V8 will include new and improved Scan-Tool and Tune-Tool software. The Scan and Tune tools will be integrated, so no need to disconnect the scanner when it comes time to reflash the vehicle, and our clean-sheet software design takes full advantage of 2D and 3D hardware accelerated graphics chip sets. Until these features are released, customers should continue to use V7.5 software for pass-through logging and tune file editing.

Even if you don't intend to use the enhanced features our V8 software delivers, customers must still download and install EFILive V8 because it contains the FlashScan and AutoCal firmware updates. Those firmware updates are required even if you are using the V7.5 software exclusively.

File Encryption

All tune files are encrypted using EFILive’s proprietary encryption routines. The tuner can choose to restrict the tune in multiple ways:

  • Restrict a tune file so that it can only be flashed into a particular engine or transmission controller (of your choosing).
  • Restrict a tune file so that it can only be flashed by a particular FlashScan or AutoCal device (of your choosing).
  • Restrict a tune file so that it cannot be modified.
  • Restrict a tune file so that it cannot be viewed.

Once one or more of these restrictions have been applied to a tune file, the restrictions can only be removed if the FlashScan device that was used to apply the restrictions is connected to the PC. That means only the tuner who applies restrictions can remove those same restrictions. Additionally, any files that have restrictions applied cannot be opened using the EFILive V7.5 software.

Locking Controllers

Tuner's can choose to protect their tunes by locking controllers using a custom key which prevents anyone who does not know that custom key from accessing the controller's calibrations. (Not all controllers support locking)

On most controllers locking not only prevents the controller's calibrations from being accessed but also prevents new calibrations being flashed into the controller.


EFILive will provide a standard 12 month warranty on all labour and materials. Please refer to the EFILive Warranty Policy.

Year Make Engine



(Customers must obtain stock file from alternate source & remove RSA Encryption using alternate tools)




(Customers must obtain stock file from alternate source)