Aurora 7500 Turbo Kit

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Whether you bought your 6.7L Cummins to tow, daily drive, drag race, sled pull, or all of the above, you want it to perform at its peak 100% of the time. The Aurora Plus 7500 kit was designed to do exactly that. It is no secret that compound turbos on a diesel engine are hard to beat, and that compounds are designed to make the broadest, flattest power band possible. The Aurora Plus takes this one step further by incorporating the factory VGT turbo. This allows the truck to keep its lightning fast spool up, incorporated exhaust brake, and excellent throttle response. The Aurora Plus kit will do everything you need, without even breaking a sweat.

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Aurora Plus 7500 Compound Turbo System, 2007.5-2009 Dodge 6.7L Cummins Uses factory HE351Ve turbocharger in conjunction with Aurora 7500 Turbocharger. Includes ATS intake system.

Advantage AURORA 7500 (approx. 135 lbs./per min)

  • Low EGTs
  • Fast throttle response
  • Drastically reduced smoke
  • Much higher torque across the entire RPM range

When you step on the throttle, boost comes on almost instantly, and you suddenly find yourself in the left lane a lot more often.

The key to a great running diesel engine is efficiency, and air flow is a huge part of that equation. The more airflow you put in the cylinder, the more fuel you will be able to combust, and that is what gives your truck smoke free power and efficient power. But power isnt the only by-product of an efficient running engine, mileage gains are not uncommon (once you stop trying out your new-found-power of course). Due to the increased airflow along the RPM range, it takes less fuel to experience the same amount of power, thus giving you better fuel economy.

Once installed, the truck will look and drive as a completely factory truck, just simply with more power. The A/C, heater, and creature comforts are still 100% intact. In fact, your emissions equipment can still be used, and remain completely functional. This system keeps everything you love about your truck working, and simply adds the Aurora 7500 to enhance the experience and top-end power. All piping is hand fabricated and powder coated to last the life of the truck, and keep looking good. All hot-pipes are ceramic coated and heat wrapped to keep under hood heat down. The airbox consists of a high-flow filter and sealed cold-air box that keeps the air intake temperatures down. The fit-and-finish of this kit is truly second to none.

Kit Includes:

Uses factory HE351Ve turbocharger, and adds the 80mm Aurora 7500. Includes ATS cold air intake system.


ATS turbos come with a 3 year / 150,000 mile warranty. Please contact ATS to learn more about the Aurora 3000!


This product is not available for sale in the state of California.


2007.5 - 2009