What makes Northwest Diesel different isn’t who we are, but rather who we are not. We don’t strive to just make the most horsepower. We don’t need the most thumbs up or pats on the back. You won’t find a showroom full of trophies and medals.

What you will find is an office of diesel enthusiasts dedicated to creating the best truck for the best purpose. We’ve had trucks on magazine covers, but we have also used our own trucks in business, working every day, pulling trailers and getting the crew to the job site.

We know that it’s your truck, it’s your journey! Tell us what you want to achieve. Using our many years of experience of building, testing and perfecting we will let you know what we recommend to achieve your goal.

We are passionate about using the latest technologies to push the limits while building the most reliable truck for the task at hand. You need a show truck that puts down big numbers on the dyno, we can help you do that. You need to outfit your work rig to get the job done, we can help you. Want to dial in your machine for better fuel economy, or need to tow that monster trailer up the mountain, yep we can help you.

We are a small company of diesel enthusiasts