Volant PowerCore Closed Box Air Intake

08 - 10 6.7L Ford Powerstroke F250/350/450/550

SKU NWD-198646


Fully-enclosed filter box design blocks heat and allows for maximum filtration protection in harsh environments. With PowerCore® Filtration Technology - proven in the field with more than a decade of use and over 15 million filters sold. Up to 99.97% efficient, Volant Performance backs PowerCore® air filters with a 4 year or 100,000 mile warranty regardless of driving conditions.

Custom Formed Airduct

Streamlines the air-path and maximizes air volume improving HP/TQ and throttle response

Premium-Grade Silicone Connector

Premium-grade silicone hoses create air-tight connections; provide excellent strength and flexibility while resisting drying and cracking.

Premium Hardware

Stainless steel clamps, silicone connections, neoprene gaskets and automotive-grade nuts and bolts hold up to a lifetime of use.

Filter built for Off-Road Performance / Zero Maintenance / 100,000 mile Warranty

Off-Road products are built to withstand the unique demands of unforgiving terrain and harsh environmental conditions. Filtration products are no different and are purpose built for specialized environments. Filters are an often overlooked, but critical element the off-road driver and/or outdoor enthusiast should consider when modifying their vehicle. A high-efficiency air filter ensures long term engine health by filtering out damaging dirt and debris prior to entering the engine. For the off-roader and outdoor enthusiast, Volant is proud to offer Donaldson PowerCore® Filters which are uniquely designed to handle unforgiving conditions.


Year Make Engine


Ford F250/350/450/550

V8 6.4L Powerstroke