TOYO TIRES Open Country A/T Tires

35 X 12.50 R20 121R E/10 OPATII X


If having the perfect combination of off-road handling, stability in muddy conditions as well as a smooth ride on open roads and highways is what you're looking for, Toyo has a great solution for your truck.

Toyo's Open Country M/T Off-Road Radial Tire features a unique tread pattern with deep grooves for getting into and out of some of the most extreme off-road conditions with ease.

The Toyo Open Country A/T II features an aggressive sidewall and open tread block design which allows your truck to get through dirt, mud and snow with ease... all while maintaining a quiet ride.

It's polygonal blocks and zigzag sipes contribute to excellent snow performance while the deep tread grooves help to prevent rocks from getting stuck in the grooves.

Toyo added a much more aggressive shoulder design to the A/T II tire as well, adding to the shoulder depth and giving your truck a tough look.

Toyo Open Country AT II Tire