Towing Valve Body | 4.5 - 07 5.9L Cummins

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  • Performance *TOWING EDITION* Valve Body (progressive line rise)
  • Dodge, 2004.5-2007 48RE W/TV Motor
  • Exhaust brake-ready, allows 1st-2nd gear lock-up if using w/ CoPilot
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Performance *TOWING EDITION* Valve Body, Dodge, 2004.5-2007 48RE W/TV Motor Features:

  • Progressive line rise

  • Allows 1st-2nd gear lock-up

  • Optimized to work with 3000RPM governer springs

  • Increased reliability

  • Electronics not included

The throttle Valves (TV Valve) in a transmission's valve body control shift timing between gears through the constriction of hydraulic fluid. The TV valve also controls the line pressure required to clamp the clutch pack and band inside the transmission. Until now these valves have been known to have issues sticking inside the bore in the valve body, or wearing out due to friction, which causes malfunction and improper shifts.

Despite all of the changes made in the past to the material from which the valve is made, the bore itself in the valve will wear and prevent proper movement of the valve. Especially in the Dodge automatic Transmission, Dodge manufactures the stock valve body from a very cheap mystery material that is very soft and prone to wearing out.

ATS has designed an innovative solution in our Dodge Ram transmissions using a unique `Hydro-balanced Valve and Sleeve'. By altering both the shape and material of the valve itself, as well as placing a hardened sleeve in the valve body's bore the sticking issues are prevented. The valves in the ATS Valve Body perform extremely smoothly and operate as intended after extended use. Utilizing this new design valve and sleeve assembly allows the hydraulic flow to be altered providing a more aggressive line pressure slope while providing quality shifts and Torque converter clutch engagement. When using the stock TV valve or oversized TV valves increased line pressure caused hard and abrupt shifts.

The concept used by ATS is similar to that of a piston sleeve in an engine. By using high quality, hardened material, the lifespan of the moving component is greatly increased and the issue of a worn bore is eliminated. This technique further raises the functionality and quality level of the ATS Valve Body and Transmission system to an even higher level and is used in our Towing, Racing, and Stand-Alone-Programmable Valve Bodies.


2004.5 - 2007

Cummins 48RE w/TV Motor