PSC Cylinder Assist Steering Kit

08 - 10 Ford 250/350 4WD



If you have installed a lift, bigger tires or lockers and found yourself on the trail and unable to turn then this kit solve those problems. Dampening the load to the steering box, this kit helps increase your turning force, requiring less effort at low RPMs.

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PSC Cylinder Assist systems increase the required hydraulic force needed to steer additional axle loads created by the installation of larger tires, modified axles and locking differentials on the steering axle. By modifying the steering gear and adding a steering cylinder the turning of the front tires is done with less effort of the power steering pump and driver.

Note: This system may not give you the perfect factory-feel steering when running large tires, it does however, provide the driver with less effort when navigating the vehicle. At higher speeds there may not be as fast of a response time.



Ford 250/350