LRG Rims Splits 104 Series Black and Milled

8 LUG | 20x9, 20x12

LRG Rims Splits 104 is one of those designs that comes along every now and then that reinvents the wheel for a specific type of look. In its satin black/milled finish, the highlights and simulated rivet heads make the Splits 104 rims appear fluid, airy and yet sinister. In its neck-breaking machined satin black finish, the contrast of its machined face and satin black lip adds serious style to this dynamic wheel. All finishes feature an aggressive, open lug nut design.

Let’s face it, LRG Burst is all about the rims! Whether you’re looking for stock replacements or some of the most aggressive fitments on the market, LRG rims is the answer. A perfect blend of attitude, form, and function, LRG rims provide a quality wheel with cutting edge style guaranteed to make a statement. LRG rims - “Coming Up Big.”

Many Applications