BDP 7.3 Billet Thermostat Housing

SKU NWD-220050


This is a direct Replacement for the Brittle plastic cap and has the same footprint as the OEM Ford Caps, some aftermarket filters and caps can cause the oil to bypass the filter causing unfiltered oil to enter the system.
This cap still utilizes the OEM and Racor filter. - 03-07 F-Series Equipped with the 6.0L Power Stroke - Can be tapped with a ¼ NPT for use with an Oil Pressure Gauge, Oil Temperature Sending unit, or Fuel pressure gauge. (Can be used in Conjunction with Fords tool to determine if there is a restriction with the fuel pickup when used on lower fuel filter base or HFCM) - This product is Made in Tennessee and is made in house by Beans Diesel Performance