Aurora 3000 Turbo Kit | 4.5 - 05 6.6L Duramax LLY

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The ATS Aurora 3000 turbo system for the 2001-2010 GM Duramax is designed for daily driving and towing applications. The focus of this turbo is to provide quick spool, low-end pulling power and EGT control on stock or tuned trucks. The result is a system that will provide a wide powerband, while being responsive at sea level or higher elevations. Aftermarket fueling upgrades are not required for this turbo.

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When you're looking for extreme performance, with unsurpassed reliability for your diesel, an ATS Aurora turbo system is the only choice. The Aurora turbo systems are designed with performance in mind, while still delivering amazing efficiency.

Overview AURORA 3000 (approx. 65 lbs./per min)

  • Quicker spool-up with reduced lag
  • More efficient and useable torque curve
  • Designed for towing and daily driving
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Safe for stock motor and components
  • Decrease in stress on the motor due to better combustion
  • Reduces turbo "bark" due to ported compressor housing design
  • Great all-around performance gains
  • Everythings included for a smooth installation
  • This turbo is THE choice for those towing heavy loads and looking for exceptional EGT control

Kit Includes:

Included in the Aurora 3000 turbo kit is a 4' downpipe, pedestal, turbo, air intake system (AFE-equipped) and all necessary hardware, electronics and oil supply/return fittings and tubes. The 3000 is equipped with journal bearings, a ported compressor housing to reduce turbo 'bark' as well as heavy duty silicone boots.


The kit comes backed with a 3 year / 150,000 mile warranty and is designed as a bolt-on application. No cutting, welding or modification is required for installation.


2004.5 - 2005

Duramax LLY