ATS Co-Pilot Transmission Controller Kit | 98.5 - 02 5.9L Cummins 47-RE

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The Co-Pilot completely eliminates torque management by changing the PCM/TCM mappings to reduce slip. The benefit is that the ECM never has the need to "turn on" Engine Torque Reduction (management) because there's never a slip condition. In short, with the Co-Pilot, you get the benefit of remapping line pressure rise matched to the torque of the engine rather than matching the factory slope for emissions purposes.

Controls Transmission TCC and Exhaust Brake Based on MAP, VSS, TPS


The ATS Co-Pilot transmission controller is recommended for use with light duty pickup trucks with a heavy-duty aftermarket transmission and torque converter package are installed on vehicle.

While the Co-Pilot will still function perfectly on a stock transmission, factory transmission shafts are weak and prone to breakage. The factory torque converter clutch will also fail if applied under high load conditions. Factory computers are programmed to disengage lockup under certain conditions which will protect the transmissions internal components under higher load. This is when we recommend having a heavy-duty aftermarket transmission installed on your vehicle to prevent transmission failure. If you have a stock transmission it is recommended that you leave your Co-Pilot in a less aggressive setting when under high load conditions.

ATS Diesel Performance sells many parts for all levels of trucks that will strengthen your transmission and improve reliability, whether you have a stock daily driver or a fully built race truck!

The Co-Pilot works right along side the factory PCM/TCM to completely eliminate torque management while optimizing transmission pressures. We do this by monitoring vehicle load, which allows the Co-Pilot to instantly modify calibrations sent from the factory PCM/TCM to give you the drivability and performance gains you ANY situation.

The Co-Pilot commands maximum line pressures when needed, and the 68RFE factory transmission is limited to 150psi mechanically. If you utilize the ATS valve body (or complete transmission), we've engineered them for 300psi max pressure.

Doing all of this in a completely non-synchronous transmission, while maintaining shift quality, without having clutches bind or slip, and not set trouble codes is the true feat of engineering behind the Co-Pilot.


Year Make Engine

1998.5 - 2002

Cummins 47RE